Athlete pitchmen

Jan 12, 2017

Sports Stumpers


1) This NFL Hall of Famer once shaved his legs and donned pantyhose for an ad.

2) This strikeout king once pitched a pain reliever.

3) An electric grill is what this former heavyweight champion has endorsed.

4) This all-star encouraged viewers to dial in to a long-distance phone service.

5) This NFL great ran through airports to a car-rental agency.

6) This NFL tough guy has endorsed the products of an electronics-store chain.

7) These home run-hitting teammates took a nickname, “The M&M Boys,” based on a candy they endorsed.

8) This Olympic skier once pitched lip balm.

9) Beer was the subject of an ad that saw this baseball owner “fire” this manager.

10) This former Yankee great endorsed several brands of cigarettes.



1) Joe Namath

2) Nolan Ryan

3) George Foreman

4) Mike Piazza

5) O.J. Simpson

6) Howie Long

7) Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris

8) Suzy Chafee

9) George Steinbrenner, Billy Martin

10) Joe DiMaggio


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