Doing a new series is ‘Trial & Error’ for Nicholas D’Agosto

Mar 20, 2017

Q: How is it to film a comedy like “Trial & Error” in the style of a true-crime documentary?

A: (Executive producer Jeffrey) Blitz would come up to me, and he was like, “We’re actually ahead of schedule, Nick. We’re just killing time.” But really, what he was doing was allowing us all to play and find these interpersonal relationships early, even before I kind of knew what he was doing. We were grounding all of our characters in what this world was going to be … it was such a charmed show to get to fall into.

By the time we got to Episode 3 or 4, I felt like we were in such a groove. We were having so much fun, and we all knew how to mess around and toss things away and take new notes. And for me, it’s been the most empowering thing I’ve ever gotten to do.

Q: You’ve also been featured as Harvey Dent on “Gotham.” What are the chances of your going back to that show while doing this one?

A: He’s technically still in the show. One of the benefits of my ability to maneuver out of that show and into this show was … first of all, that show has some really wonderful, established stars and some big storylines that revolve around them. But also, Warner Bros. produces both of the shows.

They were incredibly generous to me and encouraging me to take time off from “Gotham” and come here. As much as I love “Gotham” and being a part of it, the ability to come onto this show has been an absolute dream. I hope to get back and do something there again when it’s time, but they’ll call me when they want me to come back. And Warner Bros. will allow the scheduling, I imagine, if it fits.


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