Elliott Gould’s television career isn’t in ‘Doubt’ now

Mar 15, 2017

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Elliott Gould

Q: It’s nice to see Elliott Gould in “Doubt.” I know he was on “Ray Donovan,” but hasn’t he done other series? – Kelly Marks, Westerville, Ohio

A: The actor’s “Doubt” stay ultimately was brief, since CBS pulled the show last month after only two airings. His series debut was in the mid-1980s CBS sitcom “E/R,” which pre-dated the similarly named NBC medical drama by about a decade … and to confuse matters even more, George Clooney was on both shows. Shortly after that came the blended-family comedy “Nothing Is Easy,” then a Billy Crystal-produced series about analysts and therapists titled “Sessions” several years later.

For a decade, Gould recurred as Monica and Ross’ dad on NBC’s “Friends,” and in the late 1990s, Gould went to work for Fox for a while in “Getting Personal.” He followed that with CBS’ “Baby Bob” and became the voice of Mr. Possible in Disney Channel’s animated “Kim Possible.” A few years ago, Gould went back to Fox in comic John Mulaney’s short-lived show “Mulaney,” but he actually had started his Showtime “Ray Donovan” run before that.

Among other series on which Gould has turned up in guest stints are “Murder, She Wrote,” “L.A. Law,” “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” “Touched by an Angel,” “Drop Dead Diva,” “Law & Order,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and the rebooted “Hawaii Five-0.”

Q: Please settle a debate. Was there a second season of the HBO series “Luck,” which starred Dustin Hoffman? – Jim Abbott, Owosso, Mich.

A: The second episode of Season 2 was in production when the show was canceled, following concerns voiced by the American Humane Association and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) about injuries to three horses, which had to be euthanized after sustaining injuries.

At the time in 2012, HBO issued a statement about the cancellation saying, “While we maintained the highest safety standards possible, accidents unfortunately happen and it is impossible to guarantee they won’t in the future. Accordingly, we have reached this difficult decision.” Nick Nolte, Jill Hennessy, Richard Kind, jockey Gary Stevens and the late Dennis Farina also were in the “Luck” cast.

Dustin Hoffman

Q: Why are Amy Carlson and Sami Gayle listed as stars of “Blue Bloods” when they’re not in every episode? – Ron Casey, Buffalo, N.Y.

A: Well, your question’s premise needs some readjusting, and that will supply your answer. It’s true that relatively few episodes of the CBS police drama revolve around those actresses‘ characters – each tends to get one of maybe two of those per season – but take a look at virtually any of the weekly Reagan family-dinner scenes. Carlson’s Linda and Gayle’s Nicky are right there.

The two performers have been with the show from the start, as is confirmed by the repeats shown on WGN America and ION Television and in syndication … so elevating their names to the opening credits (rather than “also starring” or “guest starring”) was, and is, symbolic of that.

Q: I saw Corey Hawkins in “Straight Outta Compton” before he started “24: Legacy.” What else has he done? – Brian Shaw, via e-mail

A: In-between those projects, he had a run on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” as Heath. Before that, his movie credits included “Non-Stop” and “Iron Man 3,” and he also was featured in television in episodes of “Royal Pains” and “Golden Boy.” Currently, Hawkins also is back on movie screens opposite Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson – and a really big ape – in “Kong: Skull Island,” which he was filming in Vietnam at the time the “24: Legacy” opportunity presented itself to him.

Q: Did I hear correctly that last year was Turner Classic Movies’ Classic Cruise? – Donna Morgan, Leesburg, Fla.

A: Yes, at least for now. Jerry Lewis and Leslie Caron were among the featured celebrities on the last voyage, which used the Disney Fantasy as the biggest vessel reserved for the event. Though the cruises are done, the annual TCM Classic Film Festival will continue in Hollywood for its traditional four-day stretch in April, using a “Comedy in the Movies” theme this year and appropriately including Mel Brooks among the guests.

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