Sports tragedies

Jan 5, 2017

Sports Stumpers


1) What future Hall of Fame slugger was swept to his death over Niagara Falls in 1903?

2) In 1970, a plane carrying this college football team crashed in Huntington, W.Va. Can you name it?

3) What Olympic figure skater died of heart disease in 1995?

4) This New York Yankees catcher died in a 1979 plane crash. Who was he?

5) What Boston Celtics forward was felled by an irregular heartbeat in 1993?

6) A plane crash claimed the life of this Hall of Fame outfielder in 1972. Can you name him?

7) During training camp in 2001, what Minnesota Vikings lineman died from heatstroke?

8) A member of the California Angels was shot to death in 1978. Who was he?

9) Cancer took the life of this Chicago Bears running back in 1970. Can you name him?

10) This baseball great’s life was cut short by an incurable disease in 1941. Who was he?



1) Ed Delahanty

2) Marshall University

3) Sergei Grinkov

4) Thurman Munson

5) Reggie Lewis

6) Roberto Clemente

7) Korey Stringer

8) Lyman Bostock

9) Brian Piccolo

10) Lou Gehrig




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