Why Dr. Pol is wary of the unsocialized dog

Mar 14, 2017

Q: What is the most difficult animal for you to treat?

A: What is the hardest is the unsocialized pet – people who have a dog tied up in the backyard. I remember one German shepherd here, the lady was afraid of it. And I’ll tell you, the minute you walked in the room the teeth and the fangs were flying all over the place and, oh yeah, then you have to clip its nails. Yeah, right.

These dogs I take away from the owner and suddenly their whole demeanor changes and then they get the reversible tranquilizer and we do whatever we want to. And yes, they walk out of the room a little staggered but they’re fine, and that’s what we have to do. So it’s the unsocialized animals that are not used to everybody walking up to them, everybody petting them, and those are the hardest to treat. And to be honest with you, those are dangerous. When your dog bites somebody, the lawyers get a hold of you and suddenly you’re poor.

Q: Some vets say they’ve lost more blood to Chihuahuas than any other pet.

A: The Chihuahua is the only dog that can survive in the wild on its own, and that’s because he’s ferocious enough that he can catch a mouse, fast enough, or a rat, and that’s enough to sustain him for a day. There is no other dog that can catch or hunt enough to stay alive. …

Q: What is the most common mistake you see pet owners make?

A: Impulsive ownership.  … If you want a dog, look at all the different breeds that we have. There are just as many different breeds of dogs as different kinds of people. Everything is online now and you should learn what kind of animal will fit in your household or with you. …

The Incredible Dr. Pol” airs its 100th episode and 10th season finale Saturday, March 25, on NatGeo Wild.


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